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Gegenüber. Vor uns.


At one table in Wolfsburg

In the center of the exhibition room there a long table is set up. There are plates and cups and flowers on the table. At every seat, one finds table cards with descriptions of people. The descriptions are from the perspective of someone who seemingly does not know the people in person. It is open if the described ones have been sitting at the table or if they will be sitting at the table at one point. During the exhibition, the table will be used for having dinner together.


new territory. familiar territory.

How familiar is the environment to us in which we live day by day, an environment which we think we know? What happens when we leave familiar paths? And how do we make ourselves familiar with an unknown place? How can we experience an environment together? In this walk, I am trying to find answers to these questions. A group of people who partly know each other, partly not, are walking together. No one is talking. Everyone is invited to lead the group at one point, to give impulses. A joint walk that concentrates on self-perception, the percepti­on of a group and of the environment.